astrology moon soul bitch

astrology moon soul bitch

Right now, my fascination is astrology.  Knowing me, that could rapidly change.  I could have another cathartic moment (of thousands) and decide that astrology is damaging to my spirituality.  Misleading somehow.  Or, I could just get bored with it and find some other more interesting thing to study.

Like rocks.  Rocks are cool.

Who knows?  I am unpredictable like that.

I promised myself I would translate what I learn, into this blog.  That  I would do this as I go.  And this is because if I don’t, I’ll never start this fucking blog.  So, astrology serves me in a few different ways, and maybe it will help you too.

I can’t see myself totally investigating all 12 zodiac signs, and their endless variations with the planets and houses.  I don’t know if I’ve got that kind of time, but on the other hand, since they’re all a part of me, maybe I will.

But what I do want to do is find a greater understanding about myself through my chart.  Since I don’t believe another person can totally tell me what’s up with my chart, because they’re not me, then I have to be completely involved in this interpretation by myself and with others.  Interdependent translations.

To me, astrology is a tool.  Just like writing is a tool.  And if I’m not 100% a part of that craftsmanship, then it isn’t mine.  I have to have the ultimate say so.  I am the ultimate factor in the whole thing.  So nobody gets to tell me that I’m a serial killer because I have a lot of Pluto in my chart.  Nobody gets to tell me I’m obsessive and jealous because I have a stellium in Scorpio, or that sex is constantly on my mind.  (My sun sign isn’t even Scorpio, but it is a predominant part of my chart.)

Those are interpretations (and limitations) of other readers trying to cram me into a box I don’t fit into.  Whether some of these traits are valid or not, I have yet to determine.  I feel there is something deeper going on with the stereotyping of signs.  Perhaps a wisdom and blindness by predecessors of astrology.

The honest truth is astrology is a lot of truths that bend like light on mirrors as we accept or deflect choices in our lives.

I don’t know what happened to you when you were 4 years old that ultimately ended up changing how you felt about this life or this world.  Nobody gets to tell you those kinds of things.  You have to tell us.

So I’ll take a quote from a movie I watched last night:

“Translations are sacred.”  – Jay, from Okja

How we translate what we learn from the spiritual connections into creative expression is essential.  It is essential we respect the translation enough to get it right, let it flow genuinely, to even access it in the first place.  It is a sacred art to write, draw, paint, sing, draw tarot cards, give astrological readings, to even just sit and be someone’s authentic friend.  I know it sounds a little intense to call creativity “sacred” in a day where being happy and light is predominating everyone’s thoughts.

But who says sacredness has to be serious and stern?  Who says sacredness can’t be comical and fun.  Many indigenous tribes would argue this point for play.  Playing is sacred.  The seriousness comes from believing in its power no matter how it transforms your life, and thus taking care.

Take care of your authenticity and expression.  Appreciate your expression because it is divine too.  Treat it and you with respect.  Honor.  Belief.  As long as that is intact, you can have as much fun as you want.

These are things I work on all the time.  To be authentic in translating what is going on around me unseen, into something meaningful seen.  I intend to use Astrology as part of that learning process to express myself more clearly, authentically, and while staying true to myself.

From what I can tell, most responsible and successful astrologists advise us to learn astrology by tapping into our intuition.  Because they also know you get the ultimate say-so.  It is part of your journey to determine these kinds of things, and no one can steal that away from you by pretending to know more than you do about you.

So use astrology as a guide tool for discovery to find out more about who you are and can be.  Don’t get stuck in the ideas that are far from who you are, believing that they are true about you.  I mean, have some honest, healthy self-reflection if you’re not sure, but don’t dwell on it if it isn’t true about you.  If it is, find ways to overcome it.

I’ve had to.  And like I said, I have a lot of Pluto/Scorpio and 8th House energy in my chart.  My whole life has been certain themes of “death” and destruction or starts and stops.  Beginnings and endings.  Overcoming your life to have what you desire is what it is all about, isn’t it?