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Deep Thoughts and shit like that

I write about a lot of different topics as I traverse the universe to transform myself into the ideal person I want to be, which coincidentally changes just as I’m about to grasp her. I am the carrot and the stick, the mirror and the mirrored, the irony and the paradox, the addict and the fix.


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You have everything you need inside to problem-solve your life and to make good choices. Often, we just need a way to get things out of us and feel heard and validated. This act alone can propel us forward to next levels in life. If you would like someone to truly hear you, send me an email about what’s on your mind. 

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Elemental Magic




5th Element

Is it love or just energy?

Combining Energy To Help Others

Is It Worth It?

I just want you to know, that everything you’ve been through, all the pain and trauma that seemed to never end, it’s worth it. You’re fighting for something much greater than yourself, and everyone of us that comes through to the other side of empowerment and transformation adds weight to that love you’ve been fighting for this entire time. Love for yourself, love for others, having healthy relationships and happiness. You’re not just fighting for you. You’re fighting for everyone to have this spiritual autonomy, freedom and connection. And it’s so worth it to give to yourself and those around you.


shapeshifting is done through forces of nature that cripple,  haunt and crush us until our bones break into new forms

inner Work

An easy life won’t turn you into who you want to be. The shadow is the feared teacher. The one you must embrace.



Deeper down.

Soul Bitch

"Ghetto Soul mates. If you love someone, whether romantically, or friend-wise, and you guys have been throught it all, thick and thin you've stuck together, ya'll are Soul-bitches. Your meant to be together, but dont confuse it with Soul mates."

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