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Learn to take control of your life

From your spirituality to the legacy you want to leave in the world, how you see and interact with the world matters. Many of us are not taught how to live authentically, but to adhere to the system instead.

The level you buy into the system and play along, or opt out and make your own destiny will play heavily in your ability to authentically lead your own life. 

If you’re ready to embrace your own power, lead your own life, and create relationships that build towards a world you want to live in, then you’re in the right place. 

Learn more about yourself and alternative paths to mainstream society that can help guide you towards your truest passions, and build connections and friendships with others from all walks of life and beliefs. 

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Get Your Power Back

We’re all born into toxic societies dealing with trauma and fall out no matter what side of the spectrum of polarities you find yourself on. 

Soul Bitch focuses on getting out of the 3 ring shit show and start creating a life you love that promotes autonomy, self sufficiency, community and belonging, and ethical principles and values that are built for the greater good, not for profiteering, greed, and oppression.

Empower yourself

Express yourself with confidence

be a leader

Be Authentic

Give back passionately

Healing Trauma in a Toxic Society

Healing Trauma

We live in societies that suffer from chronic trauma. We are bombarded with toxic and abusive behaviors constantly.

To get out of the war zone and into your passionate life, you must make healing trauma your number one priority.

Join Soul Bitch on this journey of self empowerment and relational leadership.

Empowering Yourself

Empowering yourself is vital to the process of healing trauma and relational leadership, because at some point, we must all realize that only we can heal ourselves. 

No one else can do this for us.

And once we realize this, we start to step into an authentic leadership role that empowers the self. 

And then this transforms you into a leader who can help others simply by role modeling how to survive and thrive in a toxic society, without perpetuating toxic behaviors.

Toxic Society

When you’re trying to heal your trauma, it is difficult to recognize that due to systemic abuse, many other people are also struggling from the affects of trauma.

Because of this, we must learn to take the next step in the healing trauma process, and become leaders of what we believe in a holistic and grounded sense, which Soul Bitch aims to do.

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Powerful Intuitive Guidance

You have everything you need inside to problem-solve your life and to make good choices.

Often, we just need a way to get things out of us and to feel validated. This act alone can propel us forward to next levels in life. 

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Is It Worth It?

Everything you’ve been through, all the pain and trauma that seemed to never end, it’s worth it. You’re fighting for something much greater than yourself.

Everyone of us that come through to the other side of empowerment and transformation adds weight to that love you’ve been fighting for this entire time. 

Love for yourself, love for others, having healthy relationships and happiness… You’re not just fighting for you. You’re fighting for everyone to have this spiritual autonomy, freedom, and connection.

We are all breaking generational traumas, which is no easy feat! But it’s so worth it to give yourself and those around you, the right to freedom we all deserve.

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