“Curtis” from the movie, Snowpiercer
Freehand Quick Drawing - Curtis in Snowpiercer

“Curtis” from the movie, Snowpiercer

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The other night I was watching, Snowpiercer, and suddenly had an urge to draw.  Maybe it was one of the characters in the movie inspiring me, since he was drawing everyone around him.   I don’t do portraits, or even sketches, very often.  I can’t remember the last one I did, nor from an image.  I started with his hairline, which from what I know of drawing faces, is not the typical way artists draw faces.  That seemed most natural to me and where I wanted to start.

This sketch was very fast and easy for me.  I was surprised the proportions turned out as well as they did.  Although his hand looks freakishly small to me, and the way I shaded the jacket makes his head look slumped at an odd angle, I thought he turned out really well for how little practice I do on these types of drawings.  I really became enthralled with the shading, realizing how exciting it is to shade something in and bring it more to life.

I paused the movie I was watching in a frame of Chris Evans, who played Curtis in the film.  So I got bored pretty quick and wanted to watch the rest of the movie.  I lost my reference due to that and couldn’t really accurately finish this.  The pause button was also over part of his face, so I didn’t have a clear view of the entirety of his nose and mouth area.  While I don’t feel my drawing really looks like Chris Evans, at all, I’m still amazed it even looks somewhat proportional and cartoon-like realistic.

In spite of all this, I was really happy with how it turned out.  I wonder what I could do if I actually practiced everyday?