Power of
the Fifth

The Power of the Fifth Element

When you have all four elements working together as one unit of power, it can then be associated with the fifth element. 

In ancient discussions about this, such as in Jewish Mysticism, it is seen as an actual vehicle called the merkabah, which literally means chariot, but can also be a word for the throne of God. 

I like to think of the vehicle as our body for developmental purposes. 

If you study tarot, you will recognize that the four elements appear in several of the cards as the zodiac signs Taurus (ox), Leo (lion), Scorpio (eagle) and Aquarius (human) representing this theoretical vehicle. 

The Chariot card as the actual vehicle (merkabah) itself (free will), the Wheel of Fortune (destiny) and The World (fate) card. 

All of these cards represent movement forward into the future and this is the same idea as the fifth element. 

When you harness  your power (the elements within you as your unique you) to move forward in the direction of the life you choose, not what has been chosen for you by someone else, you’re riding in the realms of the fifth element. 

You become a role model and thus a leader to those around you. It’s a journey we all must go through to find our way through the matrix of the mind, which has imprinted itself into modern day society and is keeping people trapped in hive-mind mentality.

The fifth element is about the individual, however when that kind of power is utilized  correctly, and you join together with others in their power, great things can happen for the greater good. 


Indications Your Fifth Element Power is Onlining in Your Life

The hardest thing to do in life is be on the descending side of power and have to make that climb to the peak. After you get to the peak, it’s more smooth sailing with that foundation beneath you. 

Similarly, it’s difficult to see how close you are to actually getting to this place. And it’s likely we will see peaks and valleys in our lives as we move through different stages of life, different experiences, and have different kinds of things to achieve or overcome throughout life. 

No one ever really “arrives” at their destiny as it is a lifelong process, but by harnessing our own power, we get on the best path meant for us. The one that makes us feel the most alive and giving back to those around us through the abundance it attracts to us in life. 

From there, we will find ourselves learning how to apply our foundational understandings to different areas of life like relationship with self, love, health, career, finances and spirituality and community with others. 

We learn how to internalize and apply our knowledge to each individual relationship we have in life. 

This can even include our relationship to animals, environment, politics and world affairs. We are learning how to evolve our behaviors away from self-consuming mindsets and allow them to flourish in autonomous and communal behaviors that promote the benevolent side of the life cycle. 

This is the fifth element working within each of us and together as a whole.


Here are some fifth element signs that may help you keep going.

  • Synchronicities
  • Influx in resources, money, energy, passion
  • Feeling more centered, in touch with your core
  • Deeper emotional resiliency
  • Expanded creativity and vision
  • Looking less to others and more inward for answers
  • Digging deep for answers that actually heal you
  • Moving out of victim mentality and into leadership
  • Understanding ‘progress not perfection’ in action
    (we’re all hypocrites in a state of metamorphosis)
  • More critical thinking and analysis of your beliefs vs. what society tells you to believe
  • Having more love, compassion and altruism towards others, animals and nature
  • Broadened problem-solving skills
  • Desiring conflict resolution instead of pride
  • An overall sense of security or internal sense of it
  • More love and compassion for others
  • Seeing others as equals in the game of life
  • Increasing your generosity to others without praise or profit
  • Less need to keep up with status quo or top dog
  • Representing your beliefs, walking the talk, leading by example
  •  Role modeling that we’re all a part of the body of One
  • Understanding how to be unique within a group, being okay with being unique
    (upholding traditions of love and authenticity, not hive-mind logic)
  • A desire to connect more deeply with others and build sincere community
  • More questions about how to get along with people at a deeper level
  • Wanting to participate in healing the world from a sincere heart

Affirmations for Fifth Element Energy

  • I am that I am
  • I am strong, capable and powerful
  • I see the world with love and compassion
    while still maintaining strong even protective boundaries
  • I always walk in what I believe in 
    I walk more than I talk about what I walk
  • I approach others and life with curiosity
  • I am becoming more generous with my love and compassion each day while still maintaining healthy boundaries with others
  • There is room and need for me just as there is room and need for everyone else in the world
  • I am a unique individual connected to 7+ billion souls on this planet
  • I seek altruistic and diplomatic solutions in my life and in the world while maintaining healthy boundaries
  • I am a relational leader where I help lift others up to their full potential when I have the resources to do so
  • I seek to walk in mindsets that embrace everyone in basic respect and human rights regardless of whether I agree with them or not
  •  I work to improve my emotional intelligence on a daily basis
  • I work to improve my communication effectiveness on a daily basis
  • Everyday I practice non-violent communication with myself and others – emotionally and verbally

These are very basic affirmations for the fifth element energy. But affirmations work better when they’re personalized. 

So the best thing is to work with them and adapt them to your own life as you continue to learn more about what it means to live your life these ways. 

Sit with what you’re learning and ask yourself what comes up for you, and how it might connect to areas where you want to improve, grow or expand. 

How might this kind of leadership tie into your mission in life? Or your visions or ways you want to contribute back to society for the greater good? Or, even in what ways you want to start helping younger generations, such as kids you work with or your own children, in learning these mindsets?  

Keep working with the statements until you develop others where you can feel it in your body when you say it. The feeling and visualizations are important parts of manifesting your desired future. 

Without it, you’re just repeating words mechanically and while rote learning can be better than not doing it at all, experiential learning is faster. By visualizing and feeling it, you make it more of an experience.

At this stage hopefully you’re also already working on integrating the elements within you. If you’re learning who you are, you’ll know if you tend to be overactive or under active in certain areas or at certain times. 

Maybe you like being up at night more. Or, you prefer to interact with people face to face. Perhaps you like working behind the scenes of things rather than out front. 

All these sorts of things about you tell you who you are, and integrating the elements to become the fifth element and balance you out are what help you arrive at this level. 

Which then helps you to move forward in who you are and on your particular path, instead of being who society tells you to be and on the path that they want you on. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t move forward without balance. Plenty of people force themselves forward and sometimes that is even necessary if you’re stuck and forcing things works to move you forward, but not to the point you hurt yourself or others. 

You will see major musicians or actors who do really well for a while and then they collapse from burn out. Many methods in today’s society will push for everything you have because they want it now, now, now, and there is no room for respecting the self. 

So if you do use force like this, use it with wisdom and learning from it so you can readjust later. Knowing your limits is also fifth element power.

How you do that is up to you. No one can tell you how to do this life, especially that times are very different now than when most ancient truths and writings were written. 

You must certainly find your own path through building a relationship with yourself and whatever you give your higher power to, like God or gods or the Universe, etc. 

But there is no doubt that once you find your balance within your elements, by combining them into the fifth element, you will find that power that moves you forward. 

Also, there are other teachings like Human Design, that pair nicely with astrology, to help you learn more about yourself in these ways. 

Core Message of Fifth Element Energy

In so many social and political systems in the world, leaders have created from ideologies that bind us into hierarchal values. Ultimately, these systems end up collapsing because the foundation of the structure is based in a linear, self-consuming belief system. 

These sorts of systems cannot ultimately sustain themselves over time and so we see many of the issues in the world today. None of them are working.

Many Native American spiritual and social systems don’t have these same types of issues. 

In fact, some researchers believe that Native American ancestry could go back as far as 10,000 years due to their social structures being spiritually intelligent, lending to their success and longevity before European settlers assimilated them into the hierarchal system we are in now. 

However, the wisdom of their spiritual, social, and political structures are still available to us today, but few cultures, if any, are living by them. Part of this is due to the fact that mainstream society is making it harder and harder to do so. 

But we can still live by them in our individual lives and families and slowly push to expand that. We can walk what we believe in and stand up for systems that are proven to work while still adapting them to today’s issues and challenges. 

Learning how to develop and cultivate the elements into the fifth element helps us do this.

All it takes is dedication and effort for us to apply ourselves to values that align with the greater good instead of individuals. 

Once we learn to look through eyes of the community, we learn how to start breaking down the hierarchal structures being passed down from generation to generation.

But you cannot see how to do this for the greater good and future generations until you start doing it for yourself. 

Your commitment to your own growth and spiritual expansion is what is going to show you how to be more aware of how to slowly extricate yourself from hierarchal systems of thinking and embrace equality on a humanity level. 

These sorts of pursuits are what I believe the fifth element is all about. 

We’re meant to be a thriving community enmeshed in reciprocal relationships with one another that promote a quality life spiritually (water), emotionally (fire), mentally (air), and physically (earth). 

All levels of our knowing and being flowing into our conscious lives in positive ways that promote the self and the community in wholeness – the fifth element as portrayed by some, is love. Divine love. Selfless love. 

That which connects us together with wisdom that protects humanity and the planet.

Fifth Element Spiritual Training - Hold the Vision

Something many ‘powers that be’ know is that harnessing the power of an individualistic society towards their wants and desires is what gives their dreams and visions life. It tears us down to build them up.

Your energy in the form of baseless desires becomes their profit. And as they work harder to divide us down further, we lose the power of a unified front of our values towards a world we truly want to live in together vs. a world we’re told we want to live in that divides us. 

Most people want peace, harmony, love, freedom, community, to be heard and express, to feel alive, be loved, and have basic human rights. At a core level, most humans want the same things. 

But at this point in the game people are feeling more and more powerless. Not because we are powerless, but because we’ve let these illusions cloud who we truly are and what we truly want.

What a lot of people don’t know is that we have the power to manifest better. And in that power of manifesting, we have the power to be unified in that vision of world peace. 

While we will still have to take fifth element type actions towards it as both individuals and groups, we can visualize and hold energy towards that future and manifest our dreams together, even if apart. 

We can come together in a common cause, just in our shared energy and vision of a better world. 

So as you are working through your own healing, growth and development, set some time aside to hold hope for a better world. 

Envision people coming together in compassionate and altruistic ways, with love for one another, and really feel into that vision without trying to figure out or worry about how we will ever accomplish it as a world.  

For those who are not studying how to manifest, this will seem hokey and like pseudo-science. I encourage you to instead study psychology and neuroscience, which are also continually proving how powerful we are when we’re connected as a community. 

You will understand that self-fulfilling prophecies are real, that theories like the 100th Monkey echo what corporations and advertising companies already know and have known for years. 

Research neuromarketing and understand that that same science can apply to world peace. 

If you even understand marketing a little bit, you’ll understand that the brain follows it’s most predominant thoughts. And if you look in society, it’s easy to see what people’s most predominant thoughts are. 

We do not think about peace, love, connection, happiness and respect foremost. But instead, quite the opposite. 

And where do you think the driver of the mass thinking comes from? How was it possible to get so many freedom thinking people to echo mass media? 

But we can reverse all of this the more of us use concepts like the fifth element to level up our power and unite.


Feed Your Mind With Fifth Element Power

Always stay curious. Develop being a curious person to everything in life. People who are life learners know a few things about knowledge. The more you learn the less you know. 

And the more you learn, usually leads to more compassion, empathy, and altruism. Knowledge is the medicine to pride if you truly are seeking the truth. 

It might be hard to see that because mainstream society lives in a mindset of superiority and feigned confidence, when in fact, they know very little. And what they do know is confined within a structure of knowledge that isn’t open to embracing new ways of seeing. 

It seeks to build on only itself, while isolating out other kinds of knowledge that can bring truth. 

This is what creates superiority mindsets, hierarchal thinking, and results in things like oppression and abuse. Because it silences other viewpoints so its own will not be destroyed with new knowledge that leads to the truth. 

The power of fifth element energy doesn’t work this way. Instead, it’s all encompassing of knowledge in order to grow.

We have to let go of wanting to be right and be more invested in seeking truth doing what is right. Do we want to win or do we want  healing, connection and love? 

Do we want to be right or do we want to resolve conflicts and find ways to get along? Do we want the baseless immediate gratification of being right? 

Or, do we want to work more longterm in ways that will bring us fulfilling and long lasting relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers and others we know? 

Confidence doesn’t equal knowledge or power unless you give it up to that type of person. Pride or “right” is not might. Though mainstream society will make you believe it does. 

Our indoctrination into this perception starts as soon as we’re born and depending on where we’re born into society depends on how intersectionality affects us as individuals. 

There is no minority if you really delve into hierarchal thinking. Everyone under the top dogs are affected and hurt by these mindsets. With the fifth element, everyone has equal rights and personal power.

Some people will wake up to the illusions and delusions of mainstream society and globalism, while others will not. 

But the more people who are educated in developing a broader worldview, the more likely we will move towards a world that embraces world peace over corruption. Striving for the fifth element energy balance in self and society helps us do this.

If you haven’t yet visited the page on the Air Element, it will help guide you more to develop and strengthen these sorts of air traits to help you balance,  broaden and exercise your mind to an expanded worldview. 

Fifth Element Body Wisdom

How we move, use, interact and regard the physical world can be reflective of how we treat ourselves and others. The greater the sincere and genuine self love, the greater the love for the world. These ideals are within the fifth element vision.

Without love for the world, we will have a difficult time getting through all our grievous human errors and hypocrisy. Right now we need people who can heal enough to understand that we’re in a great chaos that could go any direction we choose, but it’s likely majority will win. 

We can become the majority, but as they say, we must hold the line. And we must be great leaders. 

Every person we wake up to their own truth is a win for humanity. Every time we choose what is right and just instead of following our might or pride, it is a win for everyone.  

And we have the power to help others do this. The fifth element shows us how, with each element.

Our bodies are a great indicator for a lot of things. Our own navigation vessel with emotions, feelings, senses, and intuition to guide us on our soul path. Learning to listen to your body’s language will connect you with your navigator through life.

If you treat your body well and keep it maintained like any loved car or device, you will have the greatest success with health, happiness, and moving through the world to encourage and inspire others. 

You will also have the clearest communication with it if poor diet or lack of exercise are not clouding the communication. 

It doesn’t mean we won’t ever experience illness or tragedy, but that we keep our compass in the best working condition in the ways that we do have control over. We do our best to take care of ourselves. 

If this is a struggle for you, keep working on your self love. As that grows, so will your desire to take care of your body. But always be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

And in our body positivity, we help inspire others to do the same. And in this sacred act of taking care of ourselves, we learn how to take care of others, animals, nature and our resources. 

Through native cultures and science we understand that this planet and its inhabitants are an ecosystem. Everyone has a place within the body of this system. 

And like hands need fingers, and feet need toes, so do we all need each other to keep the cycle of life going and preserve all the precious species and sacred spaces on this planet. 

We are all part of a greater whole creating a future for our children and the generations down. We are their ancestors, they are our legacy. Benevolent energy is always mutually inclusive this way. 

Interdependent and reciprocal, always requiring us to keep backing up further and further to include broader than just our linear awareness of time.

In our ability to have respect for this system of working parts, we understand that when we all do our part to preserve ourselves and each other as nature has intended, then we all get to enjoy a quality of life with basic rights and freedoms that all species should be entitled to have. 

But we all have to work together with that common goal in mind for it to work. 

We have to find better ways to speak to our brothers and sisters and share knowledge and compassion for each other instead of disconnecting.

As you move your body through time and space in this world, contemplate how you are taking care of yourself and at what level of respect you are doing so. And in the ways you need to improve, then add these to your goals.

It’s not about having the perfect body or the perfect diet or the perfect anything. It is about having respect for yourself enough to lovingly care for yourself.  

You and your body are precious. You deserve this and you’re the only one that can do it for yourself. No doctor or psychiatrist can make you healthy. All they can do is assist you in the process of making yourself healthy. 

In the end you have to make the choices and do the actions.

In the end it will come down to you having enough love, respect and compassion for yourself to be self-disciplined enough to give your body what it needs instead of falling prey to what other people are doing or pushing on you through peer pressure. 

You do you and only you. It will not be easy, but the more you do it, the more proud you will become of yourself and what you’re accomplishing. 

A king or queen represents mastery in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot system. The goal here is to master your body and your physical world. Learn how to take care of your body, your home, your money and finances, your career, and create your legacy. 

These are some of the goals of mastering this earth element. 

For more ideas on grounding yourself into your body and earth energy, visit the Earth Element page. 

Fifth Element Soul Wisdom

Many people are cut off from an important part of themselves at young ages due to the toxic and oppressive societies we live in. Just like the body, the soul serves as another important part of our navigation system, which closely interacts with your body. 

When we say we have a gut feeling about something, that is your intuition alerting you through your gut. 

In science, the gut is considered the second brain. Though the whole body is actually different kinds of intelligence, they’re all working together as a unit just like the elements. When properly connected, they work together sending information to your brain to help you navigate your life more easily similar to the elements combing into the fifth element. 

The more in tune you are with your body, the easier it will be to hear your intuition, especially if you’re not naturally known as a psychic or empath, your body care will be all the more important to keep that connection clean and clear. 

The problem is, as children and as we grow up into a this hierarchal mindset, we’re slowly stripped, beaten down and assimilated into the system that controls how everybody thinks, believes, behaves and responds to external stimuli, aka life. 

You are told who God is. You are told how to talk to God. You are told all the rituals. You are told all of what to do and you’re not allowed to ask question in many places that teach this way. 

When you try to respond to your natural intuition in places like this, they shut you down and impose their perceptions upon you. In this way you are controlled by invisible puppet strings you may or may not be aware of. 

For instance, in modern day society you wouldn’t strip down to your skivvies and run naked down the street. For one, you would probably get arrested, but also, you would care very much what other people think of you afterwards. 

Though being arrested is an effective way of controlling people who don’t care what people think, and very useful for the criminals and unstable people who truly need those types of facilities, what is far more damaging to our soul is what other people think. 

This is far more the one that keeps us under control and doing what the larger powers over the masses want. Sometimes we have to because the laws created force us to conform, even if the laws are unethical. 

But other times there is space for us to think beyond these types of controls that lord over us in mass media, state, federal and international laws, spiritually, and even the social norms that have no legal consequences, but very much affect us subconsciously. 

Sadly, these types of debates have also blown up on social media becoming a battle of the will instead of us collectively learning how to think critically, intuitively and in practical ways that create ethical values in our societies that foster freedom and democracy. 

We’ve lost the conversation about conflict resolution, compromise, nonviolent communication and creating safe spaces for conversations like these to exist and instead traded them for these divisive ideas being pushed on us from agencies, governments, corporations and mass media. 

But how many of us step back and check in with our intuition on how to proceed in these conversations? How many of us are even connected to that part of our being anymore in these kinds of grounded ways instead of trying to intellectualize the spirit and power of love? 

Reconnecting with this part of your navigation system may take you some time to clean up the connection, especially if you have any amount of trauma or total assimilation going on in your childhood or currently lifestyle. 

It will take time to start peeling off the layers of filters that have been placed over your eyes over the years and made you blind. 

But of course tons of people are already doing this and you can too through trauma-informed therapy, shadow work, art or creative therapy, astrology, or other types of therapy that keep you connected with you and what you think rather than something outside of yourself. 

You must keep the conversation between you and You, or you and your Creator. And it will guide you back.


For more information on developing your creativity, spirituality, intuitive and psychic abilities, visit the Water Element page. 

Fifth Element Lifestyle

Live your life more towards your altruistic values. We’ve come so far away from where we used to be and altruism in many of the social justice movements. 

Though at the core of them many are trying to make changes for a better world, the sad truth is that a lot of the groups have lost one of the greatest aspects of these kinds of movements. 

The whole point of many social justice movements is inclusion and doing better for our world. But that message got lost in pride and even hatred in some groups where members began attacking those who did not agree with their perception of what the world should now be like. 

Though the intention is good, it got lost in their own repressed emotions of their own trauma. 

And this put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and ultimately pushed them away from wanting anything to do with these movements or organizations. 

And we have to wonder how we’re supposed to create inclusion with hatred when these groups have only demonstrated hypocrisy? When you use knowledge to burn other people this way, you actually do more harm for your cause than good. 

You end up losing your audience for your righteous pride and not helping people understand why your movement is important, too important to let pride get in the way of it, because you need every living soul on the planet to be on board with this to pull it off. 

What many people don’t realize is these tactics of forcing people to their will is exactly what created these problems with people, animals and the planet in the first place. 

Righteous pride and crusading one’s religious superiority is what fueled the tragedy with Native Americans. 

In order for us to get above this kind of thinking and approach is to get right with the power of our fire. Our passion. It can be used for good or for bad. 

There are good leaders and their are bad leaders who both used their fire in the same ways. What kind will you be in your life and with all the souls you touch before you die? 

In what ways can you examine your pride, anger, boldness, passion, rage, warrior-ship, leadership, energy, and other aspects of your fire element and decide what are you leading people in? 

Are you leading more self righteous acts of social justice, political or spiritual superiority? Or are you leading in ideals that shut others down, elevate your beliefs above theirs, and cast scorn upon them? 

Is this the kind of world you wish to live in? Is this ethical? Is it diplomatic? Does it truly stand for what you believe in, or have you gotten off track a little bit? Can you be honest with yourself and genuinely search your heart here to make sure? 

Fire power is dangerous when we don’t know how to understand power in the first place. 

When we don’t understand that it’s perfectly fine to be angry, raging even, just as long as you harm no one, even yourself, then it can be a very powerful tool of release. 

Taking action or being courageous when you’d normally be afraid is a positive outcome of anger used as courage. It can do many things for you if you can learn to understand it.  

Another aspect of fire is passion. Tapping into your passion really helps you to understand who you are and why you’re here. Through passion we understand what is important to us and what is not. 

When we get off the spoon-fed carnival shit show of mass media and actually start thinking for ourselves we learn we are these incredible beings with a zest and love for life that far extends beyond the Kardashians and what the latest fashion trend or tech toy is. 

We instead open up into expansive beings who look at the universe every time like it’s the first time and we fall in love with little things like ladybugs and caterpillars and appreciate them for what they are. 

We appreciate ourselves for what we are and what we can do. And we see the world differently. We see ourselves differently. And often times we see that we’re not actually in love with all the things the world told us to be, like Starbucks. 

That we have love for creativity and a passion to contribute back to humanity in beautiful and unique ways.

You learn instead of being bigger and better than someone else or groups of people, that we are all both similar and yet very unique. We all have a special purpose and place where we belong whether it is raising children or building homes or teaching. 

And you learn to pursue this with all of your heart and might in spite of what the rest of the world tells you. 

And this is very important to understand because it will hopefully teach you that confidence is not above or below another person or taking their power. It is actually understanding that we are all leaders and followers of each other, both learning and teaching as we grow as a species. 

We are reciprocal and already equal just as soon as we as the individual learn to work that hierarchal value system out of our psyche. 

When you learn that putting yourself down is part of this hierarchal value system, you want to do it less and love yourself more. You are equal and you do belong here. 

And anyone that tries to make you feel different, including yourself, is still stuck and blinded in that hierarchal system. Most likely we all have places where this is true, partly because we’re still healing, but also because the system forces us to to survive. 

For instance, you have to “beat out your competition to win” is a common attitude in business and corporations. We don’t even question it because in this kind of society that is very practical. 

You won’t survive with out it. And it’s difficult to be in both of these kinds of worlds at the same time because in one you’ll always be living a lie. 

But you can still be cognizant and continue to work on it and expand ideas that help all of us to bridge gaps to more egalitarian mindsets while still working in hierarchal ones. 

To learn how to work more on your fire, check out the Fire Element page. 

Fifth Element Community Wisdom

Where does all this fifth element work and building lead but to your greatest personal power of expression, voice, perception and relational leadership. If we are to build a better world, the most challenging part of this is learning to walk our talk in sincere and genuine ways. 

Right now many of us are stuck in the hypocrisy bouncing back and forth between a lot of extremes. We are in chaos. 

But the more we work and learn from ourselves, the more we tone down our pride and learn to effectively communicate with each other, the closer we get to actually making changes in the world that are long lasting. 

As we learn to move as a united front and stand up for ethics, ideals, morals, values and beliefs that truly help the human community, through love, compassion and altruism, the more likely we’re going to see these sorts of ideas trickle down into the future generations. 

Many of us will probably never see world peace because there is just so much work to do and so many people to reach and all this chaos going on in the spiritual world and the physical world. 

It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication from many souls who are 100% serious and dedicated about a better world and one they might not even benefit from. But like with any other goals we have in life, if we will just stay dedicated and persist persist persist, it is absolutely possible to have world peace at some point in the future, even if it is seven or seventy generations down. 

The more we work on ourselves and let go of our need to be right, have might, and be on top, and instead hold hands and do this together, the faster we will get there. 

And this isn’t to say we will just drop the old ways either. There will be many people who do not believe or value this kind of world. There will be a lot of conflict to deal with and we can’t be afraid to use our fire and stand up for principles that matter for the whole of humanity. 

It is our right to fight for what we believe in and sometimes as hypocritical as it sounds, we do have to fight for freedom simply because the aggressors will force our hands. 

It is important we develop not only personal boundaries, but also communal boundaries that prevent any (isms) from creeping into the freedom and democracy we truly seek.  

There are plenty of historical examples of indigenous tribes living outside all of these (isms) and thriving in sustainable ways without overreaching governments or religious groups. 

Instead, they understand we all have a part to play in the One Body and we are all here to help each other have joy and survive. 

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Need More Help?

Sometimes having a person to talk to is all one needs. 

To be heard, validated, and accepted in a non-judgemental way. 

I offer Intuitive Coaching to help you get connected and stay connected with your own guidance system so you no longer have to be confused about what is going on in your life and can become your own authority. 

My goal is to empower you towards your own personal freedom. 

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