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Free Resources to Research

These resources are meant to add to your journey. Take what fits, resonates, and works for you. Leave what doesn’t. These will be added to as more content comes along, so bookmark the page and come back from time to time.

Free Money Mindset and Business Resources

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when trying to start a business or make more money in life is having a different mindset. 

If youʻve been through a lot of trauma it makes it even more difficult to see and think in a way youʻre not familiar with. 

To combat falling into old patterns, spend time every day learning about the goals you want to achieve. If you want to learn about managing money, start learning about that. If you want to learn how to run a successful business, start learning about that. 

If you want to make more money and increase your value, start learning about that. Here are some resources that will help you get started. Subscribe to their channels and fall down the rabbit hole of the goal you want to achieve.

Free Effective Communication Resources

Some of the biggest issues in the world are poor communication behaviors and understanding that in relationship communication, you’re on the same team.

If you learn effective communication, you can begin to learn how to create healthy relationships. At least, for the part you add to the equation. We can never control others, but we can show up with healthy behaviors. Check out experts like Marshall Rosenberg and more  and learn how to have effective communication.

Free Near Death Experiences (NDE)

If you’re struggling with grief and loss of loved ones or wondering about what happens after we die, here are some videos that may help you find understanding and comfort. More will be added in time, but if you’d like to watch more, search for “NDE’s” or “Near Death Experiences” on YouTube. 

Free Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, and Similar Powerful Subjects of Manifestation

There are endless videos online about Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption and other similar topics. But I found these to be particularly potent. See if they help you, or dive into the channel for other more resonant content.

If you’re interested in topics about healing your life and getting in control of it, check out some of these videos that are particularly awesome!

Free Personal Development Resources

Get started on working on yourself. Even if all you can do is listen to self improvement videos each day, it will still have an effect on your life over time. 

If you can take notes that’s even better. 

If you can take action, you’re only upping your game and helping your life the more you do.

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How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome

Attachment Styles Explained

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