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Floating Head, My Love

Our world is facing some devastating problems. Everyday the news looks like a war zone. Fights break out in every area of our lives as we fight to survive. We battle with having enough money, we battle with illness, we battle with our loved ones, we battle other people on the roads, in the stores, and worst of all, on social media.


It is ridiculous to believe there is a single soul in the Western world that isn’t totally fucked in the head in some way. We live in tyranny, abuse, exploitation, and fear every day of our lives.

Any person who has studied things like fear, anxiety, and panic disorders knows that you can develop anxiety disorders simply by watching violence in a secondary fashion, such as a news segment on a horrific crime or a documentary with graphic images.  Something we’ve all seen.

I believe our world would change immensely if we, as a society, could begin to recognize and admit that we are traumatized everyday. And through that recognition, begin to heal ourselves of our trauma. And through that healing, begin to change society by being more connected to one another in meaningful ways.

I was thinking earlier, how a lot of artists gain fame after they die. And I was looking at some of my art thinking, if we were a more connected society, our art would be recognized while we’re still alive. It would all be recognized as unique and beautiful.

In societies where there is no hierarchy in art, everyone is recognized for their expressions. Everyone is equal in their expressions. In the same vein, in some of these cultures, when you’re depressed they ask you when the last time you danced or made art was….

I don’t believe art is the answer to world peace, but I do believe it is the answer to helping us find peace within ourselves so that we can find solutions, together, for world peace.

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