tarot readings

Tarot Readings


Get your tarot readings emailed to you. Create a keepsake or record of your readings you can always refer back to later in your life.


Tarot Readings


Get 3 card tarot readings on relationships, career, shadow work, finances or personal development.
Additionally, you may ask one question for one 3 card spread, or you can also ask three questions, per 3 cards, per tarot reading.

One question for 3 card tarot readings
Have 3 cards drawn for one question, such as, “How can I improve my work situation?”


Three questions for 3 card tarot readings
Card 1 – How can I improve my finances?
Card 2 – What do I need to know about my boss?
Card 3 – Where can I focus my energy best in my life?

When asking your question, please start the question with one of the following words:

• What
• How
• Where

Formulating your question correctly is the most important part of the reading because it structures the answer for better clarity. For example: “How can I improve my relationship?” will help you achieve your relationship goals faster than asking, “Why is my partner acting this way?”  The first question focuses on actions you can reflect on to improve your life and what you have control over, instead of focusing on your partner whose actions you don’t have control over.

If you need help forming your question, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you. 🙂

* Please note: I’m not doing time related questions or health and pregnancy readings at this time.

Once you’ve sent your question and paid for your reading, I will do your reading by typing it out in a PDF, adding the images of the cards, and sending it to you via email and within 48 hours. You can save this reading to your computer and have it to refer back to later for insights. Saving all your tarot readings this way can help document aspects of your life as well.


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