Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

If you’re looking for Intuitive Coaching that is trauma informed, I offer coaching, Reiki, and tarot readings or just a good ol conversation about life.  My sessions are both practical and intuitive readings that will provide insight on your situation, offer possibilities from another point of view, and encourage you to pursue the choices in life that feel best to you.

We’re often dissuaded from following what feels right to us.  On top of that, we find a lot of reasons to believe these people and back up their dissuading.  “You’re right, that’s a stupid idea to start my own business.”   We say it’s not right to behave that way, or make that choice, or many other reasons that might very well all be valid, but that don’t necessarily help us move towards the goals we want in life.

Through my experiences and education, I have found that the more a person is heard and acknowledged for who they are, the more that person begins to listen to themselves and believe in themselves. My goal is always to empower you to do what is right for you and the highest good of others, but even more so, to get you in tune with your own intuitive guidance so you naturally do this on your own. This is what I aim to help you with through Intuitive Coaching.

Intuitive Coaching is different because it focuses more on the solution (goals) than the problem.  The solutions inadvertently fix the problems, but without having to focus on them as much as you learn to move towards the desired result instead of sitting back on the problem. It puts you in the driver’s seat so you can take back control of your life. You tell me what you want to talk about, what you want to work on, what goals you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve them and I help you get there.

I am your sounding board, listening ear, guidance, advice (when you ask for it), another opinion, or objective 3rd party person to bounce things off of.  I am safe, confident, intuitive, and care about helping others, especially in the systemic problems we face in this society.


Intuitive Coaching sessions are done through email exchanges for a few reasons. It’s sometimes faster and more convenient to correspond through writing due to scheduling. But also, writing helps us to tap into our right brain and bring balance to our left brain. If you’re forced to write, you have to think a little harder about what is going on and this helps you to engage more with yourself and your life, which is the point of these sessions. 

The goal is always to get you actively problem-solving your life through your own intuitive guidance. This is why so many recommend journaling for therapy and shadow work. However, I’ve always found it easier to write to someone than journal to myself. So I find it an added bonus to do these sessions through writing emails to one another. I do my best work through written communication, so you actually get more out of me as well.

As an added bonus, you will have a written dialogue/diary of your sessions to refer back to or use in other creative ways to document your healing journey, which a lot of people like to do.

When requesting intuitive coaching, please spend time writing a concise question and briefly explaining your situation.  If I need more details I will let you know.  The more details you provide, the more accurate your reading and coaching will be.  However, please don’t feel pressured into revealing  more than feels comfortable to you.

*Payment instructions will be sent via email and after determining if I’m the right fit for you. 
Once payment is received, your guidance will be delivered. 


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