Your true spirituality is directly linked to your relationship with that which you deem is your creator. Many call it God, Spirit, Creator, or many other names. the name is not as important as the connection. And to find this understanding and connection, is the constant seeking in life. 

We seek to know and understand. To learn where we come from, why we’re here, and where we are going when we leave this realm. 

No one can tell you what you must believe. That is only between you and your creator. If you want to learn what to believe, you must spend time with your creator seeking, learning, asking questions, and becoming a student of yourself, your creator, and life. 

This is the path that will teach you to see. To help you understand. To grow, develop, and gain your personal power through connection with your creator. And for many, this is the power that will fuel you through everything you’re meant to be doing here. 

When you understand at an experiential or spiritual level that why you were born on this planet and what you came to do is between you and your Creator, it changes your goals in life. 

Many call this being on your path, but take care not to continue pigeon-holing yourself into believing that means your spirituality and life should look like others “on their path.” Likely, your path will be vastly different and doesn’t require you to put on one type of religion or belief system over another. You can draw from all of them as you feel internally lead and as your relationship with yourself and your Creator evolve. 

For some, settling in any position in life, a group or label, is never the path. For some, the path to constantly change and grow is the path, which cannot rest in groups or labels and be confined to any limitations in order to seek truth. 

Whether you need a group or need to evolve, or need both, is not what I’m defining here. But that you follow where your heart leads whether it is something a group or person has defined or not. 

To be brave and define your own path and if that falls into other groups and labels, so be it, but if not, then accepting that can be very empowering. 

In the end, only you can define you, and that is the most important task, so you can get on track and set goals that actually empower you and take you to your fulfilling life. 

There are not set rules here, except to always check in with yourself to make sure something is right for you.

Explore My Spirituality

I’m not here to tell you what to believe. Nor can I give any substantial material on other beliefs that you could not research and interpret yourself. 

My beliefs are made from my experiences and what I’ve come to believe after researching what many other people have experienced and believe. 

I believe that is the path of spirituality. No one hands it to you. No one tells you what or how to believe. You must come to your own conclusions through your own day to day rituals, processes, experimentations, and adventures. 

Sometimes my best insights have come from movies that have nothing to do with spirituality, per se, though I believe everything is spiritual.

Sometimes the most profound experiences have pushed me completely away from other’s belief systems, and even my own. It’s okay to evolve, grow, and change.

This is all between me and my creator to sort out. And this is your true spirituality and how you discover and rediscover it daily. 

The end goal is that maybe by the time we die, we have some sort of peace with everything that is happening here. And it’s a major bonus if you can exit this plane with a sense of joy in your spirit.

For it is my belief that the creator is full of love, light, and this kind of joy, if I can just earnestly understand why, when there is so much crazy on this planet. 

We are all unfolding in our own ways. We are all coming to God in our own ways. And, ideally, could be sharing that joy with one another without judgement. 

In the below sections I’ve started developing what I have learned about using my personal power to help me refine myself into the person I want to be and utilize my energy effectively towards my goals. 

This is a constant proess that is subject to change as I learn new things on a daily basis. But I follow the saying, “know thyself” religiously. To know what you’re weak towards and what makes you powerful is the equivalent of knowing how to drive a car.

If you don’t know how to drive yourself to your goals, how to avoid being accident prone, or how to maintenance yourself when parts of you wear down, then you’ll struggle to have the kind of life you want.

You’ll be subject to the life people want you to have for them.

And that’s not freedom.

If you want freedom, then you must learn to drive.

Dive Deeper into Transformation

Explore and develop your own intuition and relationship with your higher power. These are some paths you can explore, however it’s important to follow your heart.

The main goal of what I’m presenting here is not so much these pathways, but to guide you to keep going inward and trusting yourself and your higher power. 

This is so you can achieve your right to govern your own life spiritually and physically.

And while it is good to have a group or community to help you, ultimately, your life is between you and your higher power.

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The Elements


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Exploring Your Beliefs

If you’ve never taken time to explore what you believe outside of your family’s beliefs, it is worth looking into other belief systems that you are naturally drawn towards.

Many religions say it is dangerous to do this, however, we are all given autonomy to discover the truth for ourselves.

As long as you keep your intentions to discover the truth about where we come from and why we are here, then trust that you will discover this. Trust that you’re being guided with love and keep your intentions pure. 

Toxic Society

I probably don’t need to elaborate on the depth of toxicity going on everywhere, but it is worth mentioning that much of what we know was built on different levels of toxicity.

It shows itself in forms of tyranny, toxic power dynamics, greed, exploitation, domestic violence, emotional abuse, and much more. 

If you want to truly understand what is truth and what is not, it’s important to spend time understanding the dynamics of toxic society and it’s wide spread effects on subjects like spiritual beliefs and the lifestyles we live. 

Authentic Spirituality

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, you have a right to a private and authentic relationship with your God, Creator, the Universe, or whatever you call your higher power.

This means you have a spiritual right to listen to that power over any human on earth. 

There is no guru, religious or spiritual leader, person in power, or other people in power that can tell you what to believe or how you should live your life. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t live by the laws of the land, so long as the laws of the land remain reasonable to people’s authentic and autonomous spiritual rights.

Spiritual Autonomy

You have the right to make your own decisions when it comes to your spiritual beliefs.

You are a free-thinking individual who is allowed to come to your own conclusions about the spirit world.

Research, question, and explore to your heart’s content. But always bring it back to your Creator to validate it in its truth.

Healing Prejudice & Bigotry

By following that everyone has spiritual autonomy, rights, and authenticity, it helps to heal prejudice and bigotry between peoples. 

Even if you do not agree with others beliefs, they’re still allowed to follow and believe  them. That is, so long as their beliefs do not hurt or encroach upon other people or animals, directly or indirectly.

If we can all follow our own beliefs in peace, then it paves a path for creating solutions that help each other thrive. And I can’t find a religion or belief system that doesn’t aim to help others thrive to their ultimate best in this life or the next.

Understanding Manipulative Spirits

Over the years it has become hard to differentiate between spirits with integrity and spirits that are manipulative. 

One way to help guide you, is never allow anyone or anything to make you turn on your own beliefs, values, and convictions. 

The tricky part is if you still have unhealed childhood trauma, they may convince you that their beliefs, values, and convictions are your own. 

For this, I highly recommend you deep dive into understanding narcissism and toxic people. But don’t forget to apply that to the spirit world. 

Understanding Manipulative Groups

Many religions and institutions have sold out for power, greed, and the exploitation of the less fortunate people in the world. 

While this can be an extensive subject to study, if you don’t feel safe to be yourself in a group of any kind, then it might be time to move on. 

Just be sure you’re being genuine with yourself and not caught up in triggers, so you can make these kinds of assessments fairly and sincerely.

Spiritual Abuse

When a person or organization tries to use spiritual or religious beliefs or values to control you through fear or exploitation, or any other coercive way, you may be experiencing spiritual abuse. 

If your daily spiritual experiences or ties to your spiritual or religious groups don’t feel empowering, uplifting, or peaceful and content deep in your soul, it’s a good time to start asking yourself some serious and compassionate questions about your personal spiritual journey.

Spiritual Rights

Everyone has the right to believe and practice what they believe without others trying to prevent them from doing so. 

This is so long as the beliefs do not bring harm to others or infringe upon other’s rights to practice and believe as well.

Spiritual Gifts

Many religions and spiritual beliefs have different kinds of spiritual gifts or abilities. 

Most groups have their own names or ways they refer to these. 

As part of your spiritual rights, you can practice and believe the way that feels right to you. You may have people come against you for it, but it is still your right.


If you’re not sure what to believe practicing connecting with your intuition can be the best first step.

Everyone has intuitive skills whether they know it or not. And this is how we access wisdom and higher knowledge from within our belief systems. 

Having a connection to your intuition will help guide you through life and help you find your truth. 

Owl Photo credit: Erik Karits

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